Barnes Private Office manages the investment, enhancement and realisation of real estate - and a selection of other asset classes - on behalf of some of the world’s most affluent individuals. As the prime mover in our field, Barnes Private Office is the trusted real estate advisor of choice:

  • 总部设在伦敦市中心。
  • 进入房地产超过19亿£。
  • 伦敦市中心和周围各郡高档房产。
  • 精选优质公寓和房屋出售,覆盖骑士桥、Belgravia区、梅菲尔、圣约翰伍德、荷兰公园、诺丁山、肯辛顿和切尔西。
  • 专业房地产经纪人,业务范围覆盖伦敦周围各郡。
  • 介绍房屋和房产出售,范围包括萨里郡(包括温特沃斯,Englefield Green,圣乔治山和吉尔福德)、伯克郡、白金汉郡、牛津郡和汉普郡。
  • 游艇租赁。

Barnes Private Office specialises in the super-prime real estate market and our property portfolio showcases just a few of the many luxury properties for sale in London and the Home Counties. For more property investment opportunities, a property valuation or information about our Property Finder, Yacht Charter or Commercial Property services, please contact Barnes Private Office.